The end of Winter Cup season in Poland
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The end of Winter Cup season in Poland

At the beginning of March, the last competition in Winter Cup series took place. The final winners were revelased and rewared – based on their scoring from all events in the Winter Cup series of 2022/2023 season. Two winners are Maja Chyla from Jagiellonian University and Juliusz Mitan from AHG University in Cracow, both participants of Winter University Games in Lake Placid from 2023.

For the first time in several years, the organizers proposed the participants of the Polish Academic Cup with a night competition. In the past (before the Harenda chairlift was built), the AZS Winter Cup finals were played after dark just before the Polish Academic Championships. A little out of necessity, because the starting gates were occupied for the European Cup in snowboarding, we had a repeat of the past. On Sunday evening, two parallel competitions were planned – individual and team.

Looking at the results, one could say that the favorites won, but there were some surprises. The real bomb was set off by Michał Żyto (PW Warszawa), who already in the first round eliminated one of the main contenders for the victory, Paweł Jaksina (PK Kraków), a two-time winner of this competition. Ksawery Jaros (AGH Kraków), who dismissed his colleague from the university, Piotr Krawczyk, can boast of an equally impressive achievement. Miracles, however, ended in the first round, because in the next round the higher-seeded players won. An exciting final was fought between Juliusz Mitan and Michał Czerwiński (PK Kraków), who was in great form. Ultimately, a difference of only 0.09 sec. The winner was „American Boy”, who added a check for 10,000 polish zlotys to the Crystal Ball for the slalom.

In the ladies, the dominator of the entire season, Maja Chyla confidently won in every run of the evening. Closest competetor was Zofia Zdort (SUM Katowice), who was only 0.13 seconds slower in two runs. After the final, Maja said – „Parallel slalom win and 10,000 polish zlotys is a fantastic feeling, I still can’t believe it. When I crossed the finish line, I thought to myself „oh, did it happen, really?” and I am very pleased. This season has been great for me. I think that even a very small number of trainings did not prevent me from getting what was possible. Knowing that I had a big advantage, I tried not to risk too much in the second runs, so as not to fall out somewhere. But it wasn’t an easy win, I had to try pretty hard”.

Next season starts in Decemeber 2023.

Fot. Michał Szypliński


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