Kick-off meeting in Milan!
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Kick-off meeting in Milan!

Project’s partners met for the first time for the kick-off meeting in Milan, Italy. Meeting took place on the 29 of September and had been a chance to discuss the most important matters related to the project.

The meeting started with the presentation of the partners and their activity. Until then, partners only met online, so it has been an opportunity to present the organizations and focus on the activities relevant for the scope of the project. Three partners – the host, L’Orma, the project’s coordinator AZS Warszawa (University Sport Association of Warsaw) and the Slovenian University Sport Association then discussed the frame of the cooperation for the next 18 months.

First part of the meeting was also dedicated to the formal matters – the scope of the project, formal division of tasks and responsibilities and next courses of action. In the second part of the meeting, partners discussed the survey and the research they need to organize in frame of the project. The project is planned to start with the survey and research connected to the alpine skiing in university sport. It will support the planning and organization of the competitions in Poland and Slovenia.

At the end of the meeting, partners discussed the potential dates for the second meeting and agreed on the steps that needs to be taken by each partner.

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